How to use our different Brow Brushes

04.07.2022 - Sima Ahmed

You know the drill. You're in a store and you need a new makeup brush. With all the different choices you just can't figure out what to choose. Especially as brow artists, good tools are essentials. But what do you REALLY need and how do you use the brushes correctly? Today I will tell you more about the Supercilium brushes and how to use them. The nice thing about these brushes is that they are made of high quality materials and they have a luxurious look. Also, they are multi-functional which is of course very nice. Shop our full brow brush collection or take a look at our different brushes below.    

Medium Angled Brow Brush

This is the favourite and especially must have brush of every brow artist. Why? The angled brush makes it very easy to create clean lines and angles. Also, creating hairstrokes is easy with the tip of the brush. So you use both the brush in width and only the angled tip. The Medium Angled Brow Brush is used for applying henna, hybrid dye, pomade and eyebrow powders. But is mainly used for henna and hybrid dye treatments.

Small Angled & Spoolie Brush

This brush is made for people who like to get more out of one product. This combi brush is ideal if you are busy with a brow treatment. With the brush side you can shape your eyebrows and with the small angled side you can colour your eyebrows very precisely. The small angled & spoolie brush is also useful when using a pomade or eyebrow powder. If you are a little too enthusiastic with the colouring of the eyebrows then you can easily blend the colour by turning your brush and going through the hairs. Without having to pick up another brush. 

Fine Liner

Are you a perfectionist? Then this brush is made for you. The fine liner is our thinnest brush. It is used to outline the eyebrows as tightly and accurately as possible. You can also create very nice fine hair strokes with this fine liner. This brush is used with henna and hybrid dye treatment. This brush is not suitable for the entire eyebrows to color. 

Brow Brushes

Concealer Brush 

The name says it all: a concealer brush, but make no mistake this pearl can be used for more things. In fact, it is widely used when applying mapping paste. This is because the concealer brush has a wider brush. This makes it easier to create clean and wide lines. With the angled tip, you can create beautifully defined lines. 

Blending brush 

This brush is ideal for blending the concealer line under the eyebrows. The blending brush is soft and does not leave lines. This brush is secretly one of my favourites. I also use it often to blend eyeshadow in my crease and under my lower waterline. To create a super sleek brow look I recommend using the micro brow concealer in combination with the blending brush. 

Spoolie brush

As a brow artist, a spoolie brush is your go to brush. Honestly, a spoolie brush is a must-have in every makeup bag. With the soft brush you can brush the bristles in the right position. What I would love is that this brush is easy to clean and let's face it. It also looks a lot more luxurious than a standard black brush. 

Highlighter brush 

This highlighter brush feels so nice that you want to sweep it over your face all day. The round shape with a soft tip makes sure your product is evenly distributed when applied to the skin. I often use this brush to apply highlighter under the eyebrows and at the corners of my eyes. It is also often used to blend eyeshadow. A multi brush for sure. 

Silicon Lamination Brush

This silicone brush is the tool every brow specialist needs for perfect Glaze Lamination application. What makes this brush finer compared to other lamination brushes? Is that the lamination brush is made of silicone and not hair. A lamination brush with hair gets damaged by the lamination, so you have to replace the brush regularly. This problem is past with the silicon brush. Also, the smell of the lamination does not get into the brush. Because let's be honest that smell is not very nice. 

Supercilium brow brushes

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